The Ultimate Fighter season 31 will be screened on our YouTube above. TUF31 is about to become the biggest episode ever!

CONOR coaching #TUF31

Where to watch TUF31?

Feel free to check out our social media channels, in the button below, for how and where to watch TUF31 Episode 1, right up to the Ultimate Fighter Season 31 Finale.

Conor in party mood already!

The Ultimate Fighter Season 31 looks like being a cracker – the video below shows Conor is already in high 🍺 spirits & will hopefully bring us some added #TUF31 Chaos!

The Ultimate Fighter season 31 STARTS 30th May we will show episode 1
The Ultimate Fighter season 31 STARTS 30th May we will show episode 1

TUF has been going since 2005, and many believe Season 31 will certainly secure the future of this awesome series. I have personally loved every episode, from The Diego Sanchez and Chris Leben days back in TUF1 right up until season 30 – where we screened every video.

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The TUF 31 NEWS will be posted here when announced.

Speculation that Khabib and Tony Ferguson could be coaches in the Ultimate Fighter Season 31 are mentioned in this video.


EPISODE 5 – BOBBY MAXIMUS “be careful what you wish for”

As we know, Bobby stared in season 2 way back in 2007, and age 43 called out Eduardo [below]. BIG MISTAKE! Bobby started off really well, succeeding in two takedowns – but soon fell to pieces and the bigger man, Eduardo, soon reversed position on an already tired Bobby and beat him with nasty ground […]